Polystyrene Snowflakes

snowflakes tree

SNOWFLAKES ANGLED SNOWFLAKESWe have designed these individual Polystyrene Snowflakes for christmas decorations. They are available in sizes from 150mm (6″) upto 600mm (24″) in height.  We can cut snowflakes upto 1200mm (4ft) in size if you require larger sizes.

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These polystyrene natural white snowflakes are light enough to stick to walls, windows or hang from string or thin thread. These snowflakes can easily be decorated with non solvent based paints or glued with pva and sprinckled with glitter. Or just leave them in natural white expanded polystyrene for an authentic looking snowflakes.

With the various designs and size of polystyrene snowflakes these are ideal for christmas shop window displays.

The polystyrene snowflakes are available in 5 seperate designs as shown. Buy Snowflakes in our shop

We can supply these polystyrene snowflakes covered in Silver or Gold Glitter to order. Please send us an enquiry for this service with the size and quantity of the snowflakes required.

If you require unique snowflakes that you have designed yourself made from polystyrene then please send us your design with your enquiry and we can reply back to you with a quote.


snowflakes treepolystyrene snowflakes wall