# Hashtag Lettering

#handheld lettering

# Hashtag Lettering – Promotional 3d Banners

Hashtag Lettering and promotional 3D banners are becoming increasingly popular due to social media.

#handheld lettering

We have recently produced some unique lettering for a few clients to promote their businesses. Some 3D lettering is made from bright white expanded polystyrene with a clear acrylic tube through the centre of the letters. This enables the letters to be spelt and spaced correctly. Therefore the letters are independent and can be stood vertical or held horizontal. As you can see on the attached examples which had the restaurants name after the # and the name of their staff.
These type of 3D polystyrene or styrofoam letters are perfect hand held promotional prop. They are designed and cut to order and can include standard lettering or a comapny business or logo if required.

hashtag letters on clear tube


Hand Held 3D Banners

Our custom cut 3D hand held banners are perfect for instagram moments and promotional photo shoots. All our signs are lightweight, easy to handle and provide a unique viewpoint for the message being promoted. In addition our promotional signage can give the impact you are looking for when trying to spread your message. Letters can be cut individually to be held by each person or atatched to a abcking board which can be held by a group.

These 3D banners can be manufactured to your size an speciaifaction and in any colour of your choice.

Hand held 3d banners

If you have an event where this signage would be useful please send your inquiry to us here