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Here at Foam Cutting, we specialise in the design and manufacture of large 3d letters, numbers, props and window displays. Our large 3d polystyrene props are eye-catching and are the ideal way to promote or display your products on a larger scale.

Our UK design team manufacture large scaled-up props made from display grade high-density Polystyrene making them suitable for window display and advertising props, as they are light in weight and so easy to move. Even our largest props can be moved by one person.

Weight Prop

Large 3d polystyrene props can be used in numerous ways and in the past, we have manufactured them for our customers to use for:

  • Window displays;
  • Events and conferences;
  • Display in shops;
  • Photo shoots;
  • Exhibitions;
  • And more.

How we design and manufacture large 3d Polystyrene props

You could have large props designed and manufactured in wood, plastic or any other material but none are going to be as light in weight as our window display and advertising props are.

We specifically use Polystyrene for all our lettering, numbers and props to ensure they are tough and will be able to withstand the test of time, yet are so light they can be carried by a single person. Our Polystyrene has also been treated, so it is fire retardant to meet the safety guidelines.

polystyrene column props

Experts use in-house CAD software for design

At Foam Cutting, we only use display grade high-density Polystyrene for your props. Our expert designers take your products and make copies of them or design them based on your ideas.The first step is to use in-house CAD software to design your props and window displays. This gives you a visual of how they will look when cut from Polystyrene.

We then use state-of-the-art computer programmable machines to cut the props from the material. All of our products are designed and manufactured at our site in the UK.

Finally, your bespoke Props and window displays are painted

The final stage in the manufacturing process is the painting of your props.

In the past, we have replicated everything from large stone pillar props, which look just like real stone, but which are easy to move around. We have designed and painted and decorated a perfume bottle for exclusive store Selfridges and much more. To get an idea of past projects we have undertaken check out our gallery.

Perfume Prop Window Display

We can match any colour and lettering, this means our artists can replicate your products exactly, but on a much larger scale. Whether you have a product of a single colour, it has a design on it, a pattern or even wording, we can replicate it as large 3d Polystyrene props.

We can finish your advertising props in plain colours, patterned, glitter, or make it look like metal, rough stone, shiny plastic or anything else you require for your product. Whatever your product and whatever its shape, Foam Cutting can design and manufacture it on an eye catching scale.

Why choose us for your Polystyrene window display and advertising props

We have been in the business of providing large lettering, numbers and large 3d Polystyrene props and displays for many years and are the leading specialists in large props.

santander 3d model props

During our time, we have designed and supplied props for many of the leading brands including:

  • Santander;
  • TED;
  • Booths;
  • Juice Burst;
  • Google;
  • Alvalle;
  • Selfridges;
  • Bitcoin / Coinbase
  • Many more.

In many cases, our clients come back to us time and time again for new props and window displays.

Fast turnaround and delivery

We manufacture all our props and window displays right here in the UK and pride ourselves on offering a fast turnaround and delivery on all projects.

All shapes and sizes

Our expert designers can design and manufacture all shapes and sizes from the small to the large and any shape or size no matter how intricate that shape is. Whether you need a simple square box or die or chess pieces, books or an exact large replica of your actual product, we can design and make it for you in Polystyrene.

Exact replicas of your products

We use display grade high-density Polystyrene for all props and display items. Thanks to our computer-controlled CNC machines, your products can be replicated exactly and colour matched.

Whether you want a bespoke item made, columns, weights, coins, eyes, signs, bottles or anything else just contact us to talk about your specific needs.

The advantages of using Polystyrene for window display and advertising props

There are many advantages to using our large 3d Polystyrene props and window displays. These include:

  • They are professionally designed and finished;
  • They are manufactured in the UK ;
  • They are of high quality;
  • Easy to carry around and place wherever you want them;
  • They are waterproof so can be used outdoors;
  • They are freestanding;
  • We can replicate the design of your products exactly;
  • We offer a fast turnaround time;
  • We are in contact with you every step of the way from initial design to delivery;
  • We can match any colour and font of your branding;
  • Polystyrene is cost-effective.

We also produce large 3d lettering and more

Along with manufacturing props and window displays, Foam Cutting specialise in large 3d lettering, numbers and seasonal shapes.

Why not have your brand name or logo made from high-density Polystyrene to go alongside your props and displays.

Just as with the props and displays, we design and manufacture lettering and numbers using high-quality display grade materials and can match the colouring of existing branding. We can also face the letters and numbers in acrylic; they can be glitter faced, patterned or faced with any other material.

Our lettering and numbers can be used to on walls to make an impact, be free-standing for use alongside window display and advertising props, they can be manufactured horizontally, vertically or be stacked if space is tight.

Give us a call on 01706218554, drop us an email or use our contact form to talk to one of our specialist team about your specific requirements. We tailor-make your props, window displays, lettering and numbers specifically to meet your exact requirements.


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