Styrofoam 3D Logos

If you want your companies brand name to make a big impact you might want to consider having a unique 3d logo as a focal point. Foam Cutting is the leading supplier of large Styrofoam logos and has provided logos of all sizes for many of the leading brands out there.

3d logos designed and manufactured by us are of the highest quality and are manufactured in the UK. We can tailor your logo to meet the colour of any branding you might already have and offer a wide range of fonts, designs and colours.

exhibition 3d logos

3d logos make a striking focal point

Styrofoam logos can make a striking focal point and have many uses. For example:

  • You might want to highlight your company branding in the reception area of your headquarters or offices;
  • You can use your logo at exhibitions to ensure you stand out;
  • You might be having a photoshoot and want your logo and company branding to stand out behind your product;
  • Your logo could be shown off in a window display;
  • On the stage at events and key product announcements;
  • You can use your logo on the exterior of your shop or premises.

The above are just a few of the numerous ways our customers make use of a 3d logo. As the logos are designed from Styrofoam, they are extremely lightweight and easy to move around.

We cater to any needs whether you want a freestanding Styrofoam acrylic logo or you want a large sized logo that can be wall-mounted.

How we design and manufacture your 3d logo

The design and manufacture of your logo is limited only by your imagination. At Foam Cutting, we have worked on logos, lettering and numbers for many years, so we have extensive experience.

Our in-house experts design your logo using CAD software

The first step in the design process is you telling our expert designers what you require.
Our in-house design team use special CAD software to design your logo in the font you require.

Experts cut your logo in the font of your choice

Following this, they will cut out your logo using computer-controlled programmable machines. We only use high-density display grade Styrofoam and this ensures a high-quality smooth finish. Plus, you can rest assured that the materials we use have been treated and are fire retardant.

Your lettering is finished off with colour

The final process in manufacture is to paint your product. This can be any plain colour, multiple colours, patterns, acrylic faced and more.
Why not check out the gallery of 3d logos we have designed and manufactured for previous clients to get an idea of what we provide.

Designs, styles, colours and more

We design lettering for logos in virtually any font and style you could dream up. This is anything from the simple but stunning plain bright white to a Styrofoam acrylic logo in different colours.
An example of our bright white lettering can be seen below in the lettering we undertook for George home.

white acrylic faced logo

If you have a colour in mind or previous branding which you would like matching this is no problem either. Our design team can perfectly match colours using RGB, Hex, Pantone or other colour codes to ensure you get the colour you require for your brand.

You might just require a simple company logo cut and painted in the colour of your choice to fix in a certain position on the wall.However, we also design and manufacture 3d logos using clear acrylic with foam attached on either one side or both sides of the acrylic, which makes it look as though the logo is floating in the air.

retail 3d lettering

Our team of experts can design and manufacture single letters that you can use however you wish, we design horizontal or vertical letters, along with shapes, as you can see in the logo below.

3d retail logo

We can even design your logo in multiple colours and face the Styrofoam with a pattern to make it really pop for that WOW factor.

3D Polystyrene Letter Advertising

If space is limited but you still want to make an impact with a 3d logo, you might consider having us design your logo vertically. You can have our expert designers design your logo to be stacked, freestanding or for placement on a wall.

Our team can work in virtually any size, from the small logos suitable for standing on foyer desks in entrance ways, to the huge lettering for placing on the wall or to be used in photo shoots. The design is really only limited by your imagination.

Companies we have worked with in the past and present

We are proud to have supplied Styrofoam logos for many high profile companies. We have worked with both big and small companies providing Styrofoam logos that have been used in magazine photo shoots, staging, and displays, for wall hanging, free-standing and more.

A good example of a large free-standing logo is the one we designed and manufactured for Aston Martin for use in a photo shoot alongside their vehicle.

Custom cut large polystyrene letters

We have also worked on logos and lettering for companies such as Groupon, Asda, Apple, Virgin, Google, ITV and more. At the same time, we have worked with smaller lesser-known brand names and we put the same attention to detail in even the smallest projects undertaken.


Why choose us for your 3d Styrofoam logo

So, why should you choose Foam Cutting for the design and manufacture of your logo?

Well, we have been in the business for many years and are specialists in large 3d Styrofoam logos, lettering and numbers. We can design and cut your logo in large letters up to 2 meters tall.

We always work using only high-density display grade Styrofoam or Polystyrene. This allows for a professional clean-edged look to the logo.

Our lettering and numbers that make up your logo can be used in a variety of ways, free-standing, wall-mounted, stacked or even handheld due to their lightweight.

We can match any existing brand or company colours or supply letters in bright white, patterned, even in glitter to make them sparkle. We can face your logo in other materials if required, including making you a Styrofoam acrylic logo or Foamex.

Use our contact form to enquire about your logo needs and one of our specialist team will get back to you with a quote.


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