Large Polystyrene Letters – Large Foam Letters

Large Polystyrene Letters are just one of the many items that we manufacture from display grade polystyrene. Here at Foam Cutting we CNC machine cut high density expanded polystyrene (EPS) and Styrofoam (XPS) into various designs and shapes. Our products are suitable for a multitude of uses. These materials are ideal for creating Large Polystyrene Letters for photo shoots, retail, stage and exhibitions.

Custom cut polystyrene can be used for letters, logo’s, signage, decorative shapes and 3D retail and stage props. Your Inquiries are designed with our inhouse CAD software and the proposed design is cut with our computer controlled programmable machines. We only use a high density display grade and fire retardant polystyrene and styrofoam for all our products.

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Company Brands We have Supplied with Letters and Logos

We have supplied many large companies with various large letters and logo’s. Our customers benefit from our experienced advice on their requirements from initial inquiry to delivery on site. Many of our clients manufactured orders can be seen in our Gallery.


Why Buy Large Polystyrene Letters and Logo’s from Foam Cutting?


We have been trading since 2013 and in those years supplied many companies like the ones above. The right material will be specified for the products required and make sure they are made correctly and delivered on time. We can produce a small logo for a desktop to huge free standing polystyrene letters for a festival.

Custom cut large polystyrene letters
Letter Materials

The polystyrene we use is a high density display grade which when cut gives a smooth quality finish. All our polystyrene and styrofoam is manufactured with a fire retardant additive. Additionally we can add MDF bases to the large free standing letters if more stability is required. Most large free standing letters are light enough to be moved around by a single person. Other materials such as foamex, acrylic and mdf can be added to the face of the letters to enhance their appearance and durability. Polystyrene letters are an excellent alternative to heavy and expensive wooden or metal letters. For smaller letters or a company logo we often use a harder smoother styrofoam material which gives a perfectly smooth finish.


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