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Welcome to, we are experts with extensive experience in the design, manufacture and supply of large polystyrene letters for walls, staging, photos shoots, displays and more.
While our primary focus is on large 3d lettering and numbers in Polystyrene or Styrofoam, we also supply lettering and logos for signage and retail use, plus many other items.

Why choose foam cutting for your polystyrene letters and logos?

We have supplied and continue to supply, high-quality products in the UK to both big and small companies since 2013. This includes designing and manufacturing huge 3d letters for photo shoots for companies such as luxury vehicle manufacturer Aston Martin. However, we put the same thought, time and perfection into providing small logos for use on desktops for not so well known companies.

Custom cut large polystyrene letters

We specialise in offering high quality 3d lettering to aid in promotion and photoshoots, with fast turnaround time and supply.
Just a few of the many company’s we have had the pleasure of working alongside, some of which we work alongside on a continuing basis, include:

  • Aston Martin;                polystyrene-brand-logos
  • Google;
  • Virgin;
  • Timberland;
  • Apple;
  • Harley-Davidson;
  • Groupon;
  • HSBC;
  • Skechers;
  • ITV;
  • BBC;
  • And many more.

All of the above customers and more have benefited from our skill, experience, advice and many years in the business. We work with you from the initial inquiry to the actual delivery of the product on site. Why not check out our gallery to see past examples of our work.

Products we specialise in

Foam Cutting uses a CNC machine to cut wall letters, 3d lettering, numbers and various shapes and designs from Styrofoam (XPS) or high density expanded Polystyrene (EPS).
Following your initial enquiry, our in-house design team use CAD software to cut out 3d letters, numbers or whatever you require in your design. This is undertaken using computer-controlled programmable machines.
All of our products are designed using high-density display grade Polystyrene or Styrofoam that is treated and fire retardant to meet safety requirements.

Our range of products includes:

  • 3d letters;
  • 3d numbers;
  • 3d logos;
  • Large letters for walls;
  • Shapes and objects for props and display;
  • Objects, shapes and lettering for weddings;
  • Seasonal shapes and objects;
  • Letters, numbers and shapes for staging and conference

Large Polystyrene letters and numbers

We can cut Polystyrene 3d letters to any design and in a variety of fonts. This includes large letters for walls, displays and photoshoots to smaller 3d lettering for desks.

polystyrene letter logo

One of our most popular types of 3d letters is the natural white, which our designers cut from high-density display grade expanded polystyrene with the fire retardant additive added in during the manufacturing process.

However, companies often want 3d letters and numbers in colours and we cater to their needs too.

Our design team can match colours to references, along with matching paint to RGB, Pantone, Hex, Ral or Hex colour codes or any company branding.

We can use any font or design, including company logos.

We expertly cut large letters for walls and freestanding ones, with letters cut to the thickness required for your project.

Along with providing individual big scale letters, we can also cut out a word or logo in a single piece. Alternatively, letters can be stacked on top of one another. This provides an extremely effective way of getting your brand name or slogan across.

Large Stacked Polystyrene Stage Letters

Contact us to inquire about your project requirements.

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Styrofoam letters and numbers

Your project may be better suited to Styrofoam. In this instance, our designers will use this hard close cell smooth foam. Styrofoam is perfect for use in the design of logos and 3d letters.

Our designers cut letters and numbers from this material using a CNC hot wire-cutting machine. If you require a lightweight and economical solution along with a smooth finish, Styrofoam may be the best choice.


Just as with polystyrene, we can match Hex, CMYK, RGB, Ral and other colour codes so you get the perfect colour for your brand or company.

Choose us for your polystyrene or foam 3d logo

Foam Cutting design and manufacture 3d logos that provide a unique focal point for brands and companies for photo shoots, exhibitions and more.

The majority of the time our designers use extruded polystyrene thanks to its smoothness and density.

retail 3d lettering

Some of our customers require smaller3d logos for use in reception areas, while our larger ones are a great choice if you require wall letters for huge impact. We also manufacture letters that give the appearance of a floating logo. To achieve this effect our design team uses clear acrylic with foam on either side.

Get in touch with our designers to talk about your 3d logo needs.

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Props, displays and more

While our speciality is 3d letters, we also manufacture 3d props for use in window displays, for promotion or advertising.

Our design team uses polystyrene to ensure the props are lightweight and may be moved easily from one location to another.

Foam Cutting can create scaled-up props from your company’s products, suitable for use in photoshoots, window displays and more.

Window display 3d props

We also manufacture 3d lettering and objects. This is anything from hearts, cupids and more, for wedding receptions, to seasonal decorations for Christmas.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you to create unique branded window displays, props or advertising solutions.

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Put your branding needs in our hands

Whether you are looking for 3d large numbers orwall letters to make a bold statement for your company name, large letters for walls, a small logo for your companies foyer desk or anything else, put your needs in our hands.

We use the finest quality fire retardant materials and the latest in CAD software, cutting machinery and programmable machines to provide you with unique lettering, slogans, props and more.

We treat every project, however big or small, with the same pride, attention to detail and care from the initial first inquiry, through the design and right up to the point we deliver the finished project into your hands.

Call us to discuss your project on 01706218554, email us or use our contact button to talk to one of our experts.

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