Polystyrene Numbers  

Do you want to make an impact at a business event?Perhaps a photo shoot, window display, wall display or something else by displaying large foam numbers, letters or symbols? If so Foam Cutting can help you.

We are specialists in the design and manufacturing of polystyrene numbers and letters. Our designers use high display grade expanded polystyrene, cutting it in high detail using a CNC machine to supply various sizes and thicknesses.

Our large foam numbers may be used in many ways, including:

  • Signage;
  • In logos;
  • For conferences and staging;
  • As part of your brand name;
  • For display and props;
  • Wall hangings;
  • Window displays;
  • Photoshoots;
  • Advertising
Polystyrene Number Photo Shoot
Large Polystyrene Numbers Photo Shoot

Why choose polystyrene for large foam numbers?

So, why should you choose polystyrene for large polystyrene numbers? Well, the answer is simple. It is one of the most versatile materials and it is the number one choice in areas such as exhibitions, television, film, media, conference and retail.

Bigger is better when using numbers and lettering for props and display. However, if you have many numbers or a mixture of letters and numbers manufactured in wood, acrylic or something similar, they are going to be heavy. This is when polystyrene comes into its own and is one of the main reasons to use this material.

Here are just a few more of the many advantages of using polystyrene:

  • It is lightweight – the props can be picked up and moved around and changed by one person. No need to struggle or have use machinery to pick them up and move them around if you change your mind about the placement;
  • It is strong – while being light enough to move and carry around for better placement or to store, polystyrene is strong enough to withstand the moves without damage;
  • It is water-resistant – if you want to use your numbers and letters in an outside environment you have peace of mind that they are water-resistant and will not be damaged if they were to get wet;
  • Meets the fire safety guidelines – all of our numbers and letters are constructed from high-density display grade materials that are fire retardant;
  • Economical – polystyrene is economical and far cheaper than having your props cut from acrylic or wood;
  • Good for the environment – You have peace of mind that polystyrene is fully recyclable, which ensures you are not impacting the environment.

How we manufacture our large foam numbers

At Foam Cutting, the process starts with your initial inquiry when you contact one of our expert designers regarding your project.

Any size and thickness

We discuss your requirements for your project with you relying on our many years of experience in the sector. This includes the size and thickness you require along with colouring.

Large Numbers

Polystyrene or Styrofoam numbers

During this initial discussion, we will ensure that the correct material is offered for the project. Along with using polystyrene for our numbers, letters and props, we also manufacture Styrofoam numbers and letters.

We often recommend the use of Styrofoam for smaller numbers as we cut it from sheets as opposed to blocks. Our Styrofoam numbers are made from extruded polystyrene, which provides a superior finish when compared to expanded polystyrene.

Regardless of which material is recommended, we always use high-density display grade, giving your numbers and lettering a high-quality smooth finish. We can also cut numbers in any font you require or we can replicate artwork supplied by you.

Professional design using in-house software

Once you are happy for us to go ahead with your design, our designers use in-house CAD software to design the numbers using the font you require.

We offer a huge variety of different fonts to ensure there is a match for any existing company branding.

Computer-controlled cutting

The project then moves on to the cutting stage. Our designers use computer-controlled programmable machines and cut out your numbers using the hot wire CNC technique.

Professional finish

The final stage is the finish on the numbers or lettering.

Our natural bright white is a very popular choice as it stands out and makes a huge impact. Lettering and numbers are always finished off to the highest quality and are cut with a smooth face.

However, you might want your large foam numbers to stand out; you might even want them to have custom paint, such as a pattern, even a photo.

union jack numbers


Our team of designers can apply any colour from the brightest of shocking pinks to bright orange, black, pastel colours, a mixture of different colours and more. The colour is only limited by your imagination and to fit the project.

We can match colours using colour codes such as RGB, CMYK, Pantone or Ral, which means we can match any existing colour branding perfectly.

Custom designed polystyrene numbers

Along with manufacturing plain coloured numbers, in a variety of sizes, fonts and colours, we also offer custom-designed

Large Glittered Numbers
Large Glittered Numbers

You might need a bespoke item for a specific event or photo shoot that is extra-ordinary. In this case, we can help you to realise your ideas by providing you with bespoke numbering and/or letters.

We can design horizontal and vertical large free-standing numbers, with the latter being better suited to smaller spaces.

Our designers can customise and finish your large foam numbers with a variety of finishes. This can be anything from sparkling glitter, perfect for awards ceremonies, to photo printing, suitable for anniversaries, to acrylic faced, to add an extra special classic touch. If you can imagine it, we can design and manufacture it.

Check out our number gallery to get an idea of just a few examples of our previous work for clients. Many of whom we work with on a continued basis. When you are ready to talk over your project give us a call on 01706 218554 or alternatively email us with your requirements and a member of our specialist team will get back to you.