Polystyrene Cutting | Foam Cutting | CNC Polystyrene

Here at Foamcutting.co.uk we machine cut high density expanded polystyrene (EPS) into various designs and for a multitude of uses.

We specialise in bespoke polystyrene letters, 3D logos and signage for exhibitions, stages, window displays and photo shoots.

Polystyrene is an economical, strong and lightweight material which can be cut to almost any shape. We can design items cut from polystyrene and styrofoam. These items are ideal for your business exhibitions, stage letters or POS retail lettering and signage.

We design your enquiries using cad software, and cut the polystyrene to your needs with a cnc programmable machine. Custom cut expanded polystyrene can be used for cake dummies, lettering and logos. In addition signage, 3D banners, decorative shapes, 2D and 3D stage, film props can also be designed and cut to your requirements. If you have an enquiry for custom polystyrene cutting of props or lettering or anything else then please send us your enquiry and we will get straight back to you.  

All cake dummy products have been transferred to cakedummies.com