Polystyrene Letters   

Polystyrene letters can be cut to any font or design, in small to large dimensions. High density polystyrene is a very versatile material and the perfect solution for making 3D lettering. For typical examples of large polystyrene letters that we have supplied please take a look in our gallery.

We have years of experience cutting polystyrene lettering and getting the product you require in time. Our lettering can be cut to small or large sizes depending on your requirements. the sections below show types of cut expanded polystyrene lettering.

Natural White Polystyrene Letters  

The lettering is cut from a high density grade expanded polystyrene with a fire retardant additive added during manufacture. It is a natural bright white in appearance and has a smooth surface when cut. The bright white finish of the lettering makes these large 3D letters stand out.

Painted Polystyrene Letters

Most of the large polystyrene lettering we supply is required in another colour apart from white. The material is painted with matt water based paints and colour matched to your requirements. Paint colours can be mixed to match your colour codes or references. We can match the paint to Pantone, Ral, RGB, CMYK or Hex colour codes to suit your companies branding.

Stacked Polystyrene Lettering

Along with individual letters we can cut the material so a word is in one piece. This technique can be useful if you may want to stack the lettering on top of each other, Much like the individual letters these words can be cut from almost any font and to a variety of sizes. The words can be cut horizontally or alternatively vertical like a totem pole. The main advantage of stacked letters is that you take up less space but still get the impact of large polystyrene letters.

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