Polystyrene Letters   

Here at Foam Cutting, we specialise in the design and manufacture of foam letters from high density expanded polystyrene. Whether you want small, large letters or even giant foam letters we can supply them.

All our Polystyrene letters are manufactured in the UK

All of our letters, and numbers, are manufactured right here in our UK factory, they are display grade and treated with a fire retardant additive. We specialise in large polystyrene letters, as it is an extremely versatile material, which makes the material perfect not only for freestanding letters but also for stacked letters and lettering for walls. However, where required we also produce Styrofoam letters.

If you are interested in purchasing letters, why not check out our client gallery to view examples of past work we have undertaken.

Our gallery shows just a few of the many freestanding giant foam letters we have designed and manufactured for clients such as Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Virgin, Harley-Davidson and more.

window display polystyrene letters 2
Polystyrene Letters for Window Display

Foam Cutting has many years of experience, producing giant foam letters for large and small companies. We specialise in:

  • Standalone giant foam letters for stage, props and exhibition;
  • Large letters for brand names or slogans for hanging on walls;
  • Large polystyrene letters for display in windows or conference rooms;
  • Smaller letters for logos and display names on desktops.

Choice of finishes on our giant large letters

As specialists in the design and production of large polystyrene letters, we offer lettering in a wide choice of finishes.

We have worked with numerous clients over the years, many of which are high profile, and have built up a solid reputation for delivering a quality product on time. Our designers begin by using in-house CAD software to design your lettering based on your requirements then use a CNC machine to cut out your lettering accurately in any font to ensure a high-quality smooth finish. The lettering can be finished off in natural white, painted or faced with materials such as acrylic or MDF.

Our natural bright white polystyrene letters provide a huge impact

Some of our clients choose our natural white freestanding large polystyrene letters as they have a significant impact, more so when used in photo shoots or staging.

Our large standalone and giant foam letters are treated with a fire retardant additive during the manufacturing process to ensure they meet the safety requirements.

Being natural bright white and smooth in the finish you are assured of having your brand name or slogan stand out, either alone, or alongside products in photo shoots.

Our bright white polystyrene letters ensure a huge impact is made at any event and here at Foam Cutting we can design and manufacture them to just about any size you might require.

large retail letters

Painted giant large letters in all colours, shapes and sizes

While our plain bright white giant foam letter makes a huge impact, they may not be right for your branding or event.

You might want your company logo designed and manufactured to match your existing company branding. In this case, we can match your lettering to virtually any colour you desire.

Our design experts can mix the letter colouring using matt water-based paints to your requirements. We can match the colour of paint to RGB, Pantone, Hex, Ral or CMYK offering a choice of limitless colours.

This ensures your polystyrene letters match any existing company branding perfectly if required.

Once we have designed, cut and painted your giant foam letters they are ideal to be used as in-store displays, window displays, wall hangings, exhibitions, in photoshoots and more. What’s more, as they are manufactured in polystyrene they are extremely light in weight and are easily removable and replaced.

free standing polystyrene letters

Our specialist designers can cut your giant foam letters and numbers to any logo, brand name or design you require and any font you require. This means you can match your existing colour and font or make a statement with a totally different one.

We can cut your large letters to any thickness and however big or small you want them. The majority of the work we supply around the UK to companies is around 4 feet tall and 8 inches in depth, but the choice is entirely yours.

One-piece and stackable Polystyrene letters

Many of the companies come to us for giant letters to be used in branding for photo shoots. Typically, we cut out each letter separately. However, there are times when we are requested to cut a slogan or word in a single piece. This can be either horizontally or even vertically to give a totem pole effect.

As the Styrofoam letters are lightweight, they can be moved around easily and can even be stacked on top of each other to give a dramatic effect.

Large Stacked Polystyrene Stage Letters

Again, our designers can cut your slogan or brand name in any font and in any size. We can even colour the Styrofoam letters in a two-tone effect, which is extremely effective.

One of the biggest advantages to choosing to stack your large letters is that it takes up less space. This means you can still enjoy making a huge impact on even the smallest of spaces. Vertically stacked lettering, for example, could be used to great effect in a smaller lobby or window.

We have designed and manufactured a huge range of coloured giant foam letters for universities and colleges around the UK, as they are ideal for making an impact at graduation (ideal for photo opportunities) or open days to welcome prospective visitors.

Contact us to find out how we can help boost your branding

We are here and ready to talk over your requirements for our high-quality giant foam letters, whether you need large polystyrene letters for a statement piece for a photo shoot or you need something smaller for a foyer desk or wall piece.

Contact us to find out how Foam Cutting can help boost your branding or make your photo shoot stand out. Our experts are ready to talk over your project on 01706 218554.

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