Large Letters

free standing polystyrene letters

Large Letters

All our Large Letters are made from a display grade high density expanded polystyrene or Styrofoam. Due to the lightweight material they are suitable as free standing, hand held or wall mounted. They will provide the desired impact for any promotional event or photo shoot. This can be seen in the image below used for a university graduation with the use of large white polystyrene lettering.

Large letters Photo Shoot
Large letters Photo Shoot

Why Use Polystyrene Large Letters ?

  • Made from polystyrene and as such are economical compared to mdf or similar materials.
  • We can cut these large letters upto 2m tall.
  • Standard Lettering can be bought directly online here.
  • Large Lettering can be custom cut to almost any font required.
  • Manufactured in the UK with display grade polystyrene with a fire retardant additive.
  • Supplied in natural white, painted or glittered.
  • Can be faced additionally with other materials such as Foamex or Acrylic.
  • Lightweight material means they can be maneuvered easily by one person.
  • Bases can be added to aid stability if being used outdoors.
  • ideal for Advertising, exhibitions stands, shop displays. graduation ceremonies.

What can Large Lettering be used for ?

  • Stage shows or conferences with a stage.  (Stage Gallery)
  • Advertising and Promotional Work (Large Polystyrene Letter Gallery)
  • Photo Shoots for Schools, Colleges and Universities.
  • Window displays and retail promotions.
  • Exhibition stands
  • Branded logos
  • Office or reception lettering.
Large Letters Window Display
Large Letters Window Display

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