Polystyrene Christmas Decorations

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Polystyrene Xmas Decorations.

Christmas decorations made from lightweight polystyrene are ideal due to being inexpensive, lightweight and easy to paint or glitter. As the high density expanded polystyrene is a solid clean white colour it is perfect for Christmas decorations.

polystyrene snowflakes We can design and cut almost any shape you require for your christmas decorations. We have standard Christmas shapes to purchase such as Snowflakes, Stars, Reindeer, Angels and Christmas Trees. As these christmas decorations are made from polystyrene they are ideal for you to self decorate such as painting or coating them in PVA glue and sprinkling them with coloured glitter.

If you require a special Christmas Decoration, or to match something you have seen then please send us an enquiry and we can send you a quote to manufacture and cut it from polystyrene.

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Most of the designs we have in our shop are lightweight thin sections of polystyrene for you to hang or attach the decorations to walls. Alternatively we can make much larger designs such as snowflakes from multiple sections to piece together to make a huge snowflake. Large Christmas polystyrene decorations would be ideal for Christmas party decorations, especially the larger sized decorations to create the best impact.

These polystyrene decorations would also be perfect for Chrismtas shop window deiplays. Decorate your shop window with christmas snowflakes, and lettering all made form crisp white natural polystyrene.