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Foamex Fronted Polystyrene Letters

In the realm of visual branding and marketing, the significance of signage cannot be overstated...Read More..

Large Snowflakes

Large Polystyrene Snowflakes Christmas is fast approaching and large snowflakes are the perfect Christmas decoration..Read More..

Painted Polystyrene Logo

Many customers enquire about logo’s and generally want them to match their branding including colour..Read More..

Polystyrene Logo

Large company logos, lettering, signs and banners can be designed and cut from lightweight polystyrene...Read More..

Glitter Polystyrene Sign

We regulary get asked for custom cut polystyrene signs and banners to our customers requirements...Read More..

Polystyrene Christmas Decorations

Polystyrene Xmas Decorations. Christmas decorations made from lightweight polystyrene are ideal due to being inexpensive,..Read More..