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TEDx Stage Letters

Our TEDx Stage Letters are custom cut from a display grade high density expanded polystyrene. They are designed and manufactured on cnc machinery to conform to TEDx logo specifications. We have many years of experience in producing high quality stage letters to help you make a huge impression at your TEDx event.

What is a TEDx event?

TEDx events are unique and developed independently on a community by community basis. Through guest speakers, video and mind blowing conversations you can create a unique gathering in your community that will unleash new ideas, inspire and inform. TEDx events are multidisciplinary and focus on the power of ideas to change lives and ultimately, the world. Events feature a diversity of speakers from several disciplines that address a variety of topics.

TEDx events are not agenda or single-topic driven. Whilst the content and design of each TEDx event is unique and developed independently all TEDx events have features in common.

TEDx Logo Specifications

Your TEDx logo will be used throughout the course of your TEDx event

Letters: TEDx, never TED only

Font: Helvetica/ Arial

Wording: TED is always in capital letters with the “x” in lowercase and finished in the “TEDx red” (pantone 485) with the location in either white or black.

Alignment: The name of your event should always align left in relation to the “TEDx” part of the logo, and should be sized to be exactly the same height as the “TEDx” part of the logo.

Logos and place names: Your specific TEDx logo will contain your place name. For longer place names, you can use an alternate template that puts the place name on a second line.

alt="TEDx logo guidelines"
Lower Case Long Letters: “g”, “j”, “p”, “q”, “y” we incorporate them into a base so that everything aligns correctly.

Leaning Letters: Some letters such as the letter “P” for example will not free stand on their own. To prevent this from happening double-sided tape can be used on the base of the letter to hold it in place on the stage or they can be attached to a pre-built base.

Size of Letters: Most of the TEDx letters we produce range from 600mm – 1200mm tall and 200mm deep. This is dependent on the space you have available. If you advise us on the stage size we can calculate the size and quote the letters accordingly.

Floating X: We can build the “x” to appear to float in the air (by using an acrylic backing or an acrylic dowel rod/with stand holding the “x” in the air). If cost is an issue the “x” can sit on the floor.

TEDx Letters For Events We Have Supplied

We have worked with many TEDx organisers in past years providing them with their stage lettering.

  • TEDx Liverpool
  • TEDx Newcastle
  • TEDx Manchester
  • TEDx DemontfortU
  • TEDx Hult London
  • TEDx London Business School
  • TEDx Bradford
  • TEDx Euston
  • TEDx Bath
  • TEDx Coventry
  • TEDx NCS
  • TEDx LycéeinternationaldeLondres
  • TEDx University of Hertfordshire
  • TEDx Youth@DP
  • TEDx University of Hertfordshire
  • TEDx Camden
  • TEDx Douglas
  • TEDx King’sCollegeLondon
  • TEDx  AngliaRuskinUniversity
  • TEDx LSE
  • TEDx University of St Andrews
  • TEDx Hammersmith
  • TEDx Oxbridge
  • TEDx Salford

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