Polystyrene 3D Props

3D Polystyrene Props are a great economical way of providing a large scaled up version of your product or service. They provide an eye catching alternative to flat graphics and prints and can be made to look identical to your item.

We can design and manufacture a 3d model to match your product. They are a perfect solution to make your exhibition stand a more visual experience and catch the attention of passers by.


polystyrene 3d propsA recent project involved scaling up a small cattle ear tags to 15 times larger than their original size. These polystyrene props were mirrored front and back so could be seen from 360 degrees. The numbered prop was identical to the real cattle tag shown in the picture with the same numbers, logo and QR code.

If you have an idea for a 3d model or prop then please send your enquiry and we can get back to you with a proposed design and quote for the project.